CTWeb plus is a powerful tool to automate test case generation.

You can describe your test scenarios using state machines. Transitions in state machines are annotated with the operations and the test data you are interested in using in the test cases. States can be enriched with invariants whose code will be added to the generated test cases.

You can choose several algorithms to generate test sequences:

  • All states
  • All transitions
  • All pairs of transitions
  • Binder's algorithm
  • Primer path
  • Expansion of the regular expressions derived from the state machine

In a second step, you can combine the test data with the operations in each test sequence, also applying different combinatorial algorithms:

  • AETG, to cover all the pair values
  • All combinations
  • Pairwise, to cover all the pairs but minimizing the number of visits to each pair
  • Each choice, to use every test datum in at least a test case
  • Comb, an experimental algorithm that selects the next test case as different as possible from the previously generated
  • Random, which generates randomly selected test cases

You can also try for free our classic, powerful combinatorial tool

All combinations
Each choice (very low cost)
Pairwise (exponential cost)
AETG (polynomial cost)
PROW (polynomial cost)
Test cases: {(Windows, Chrome, Word), (Windows, Chrome, LibreOffice), (Windows, Explorer, Word), ... }

Please, feel free to get an Evaluation license for 7 days by creating an account. Download also our user's manual .